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The AJO Revolution

AJO  has designed and built a unique software platform - WORKSTAR, to promote a dramatic change to the services provided to contractors and the way in which services are provided. We have built a wholly new system for recruitment, based on our job board functionality and using our 'STAR' technology. This  includes AJO Share To Earn (S2E), and incentivises the engagement of only suitable workers, backed by rating and referencing of both worker and employer. Compliance management is carried out by our TIMESTAR and CHRONOS functionalities and is ensured, ongoing and automatic.

WORKSTAR is being updated with API pathways to entirely new and radical in-development technologies, including our PAYSTAR and INSURESTAR modules, to deliver funding and ELCI  for AJO members in new, non-traditional and cost-effective ways.  

WORKSTAR enables an organisation to control every aspect of a project from anywhere on the planet, 24 hours a day; logically, intuitively and with built-in compliance. In addition, using WORKSTAR  can save you up to c.£4,500 per capita per year.  The AJO Workstar also promotes a community, involving organisations, employees and supply chain members. Each participating member benefits from our Share To Earn (S2E) ethos and is incentivised to promote the community.

Please contact us for more information. 

AJO ' Share To Earn (S2E) '

Our 'S2E' enabled recruitment model is unique and disruptive. It allows anyone to refer a friend or colleague to an ad run by a registered employer. If the friend applies and is successful, once they are employed, a payment is logged for the referrer. This passive income will continue weekly for as long as the referred person is employed in the job they were introduced to.

Number of referrals allowed:- No Limit.
Who can become a referrer:- Anyone.
How can I become a referrer:- Just sign up for a Candidate Account with AJO.
What does this cost:- There is no cost, zero.
What are my obligations:- There are no obligations, none.

Employers have access to unlimited job advertisements. These are run through our job board facility and there is no charge if vacancies are not filled. Please contact us for further details. 

The AJO Mission

Asbestos Removal

AJO began by catering for sectors covered by HSE permissioning regimes, asbestos removal being the first.  We are now moving into areas including Demolition and Construction. Our 'STAR' technology easily deals with temporary and permanent labour or a mix of both at the same time.

the ajo difference

We want to revolutionise  how traditional industries operate, from ensuring the best operatives using the unique AJO S2E recruitment model, to delivering ongoing Training Needs Analysis and finance requirements in new, non-traditional and cost-effective ways.


The AJO WORKSTAR ensures compliance with all current and future legislation for each sector. This includes HMRC, HSE and the regulatory requirements of any other relevent body. 

 Who is it for?

WORKSTAR has been designed to be seamlessly scalable and can benefit an entity of any size.  It will function in the  same way for a company with a workforce more than 100 employees or one with less than 10.