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AJO Associates

AJO Accounts for: Trainers RPE Testers, Face Fit Testers, Medical Centres and Advertisers

We offer accounts for certificate issuers containing functionality designed to remove the drudge from admin processes. We have also built in ways to earn passive income whenever delegates verified using the account functionality  are employed by an AJO registered employer.

Associate accounts have the AJO 'VeriPay' functionality  built in and holders are also able to resgister for our 'ReBite' system.


Verify your delegates with the AJO 'One-Click' system.' This is a very simple operation and takes seconds to do.

Find your delegates in our database and verify them. You can also add your own using our sign-up form.


Every time one of your verified delegates is employed by an AJO employer, you earn a profit-share.

You can check your passive income payments and request withdrawals form inside your Associate account.


Certificate expiry notifications are sent out on set dates prior to the expiry of a delegate training certificate.

Delegate notifications contain the expiry date and asociate name. Associate notifications contain the delegate name and expiry date. 


We offer two ad types, Premium and Standard. Premium ads feature at the top of the page with Standard ads appearing below. We have various packages available. If you need to recruit qualified, experienced staff for all regions of the asbestos industry, use Asbestos Jobs Online.

Advertisers are able to:

Place ads on the Asbestos Jobs Online website
These are also then circulated throughout our Social Media Accounts
Get email alerts when new candidates sign up
Receive online applications from Candidates
Reply directly to applications
Choose between Premium or Standard posts